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Your gallery is complete. You’ve been pouring over the photos over and over again, reliving one of the best days of your life. But what do you do now that you have all these photos?

It took us a long time to find the right albums and books for our clients, regardless of country. We wanted to ensure that regardless of where you live, or which country we documented your love in, we could offer all of you the same beautiful product. Furthering our philosophy that we want this to look like YOUR wedding, not just A wedding, we had to ensure that our albums were as unique as you are. We are pleased to now offer a variety of photo book and album options. From Raw Linen and Wood to leather bound books, we believe your wedding album is something special and it should stand out from the crowd.

Heirloom Coffee Table Book - 12x12

Heirloom Coffee Table Book - 12x12

from 299.00

Heirloom book is the only non-layflat book in our product range and is specially designed to showcase individual images on each page. This allows each image to stand alone as a work of art and allows the viewer to consider each photograph without distraction. Printed with a four-color digital press (CMYK) technology.

As this product has a printing "gutter" in the middle, there is no option of designing images across two facing pages as some portion of it will be lost in the middle.

Heirloom books are perfect for bright, light, pastel, de-saturated, lowered contrast, film or film-like photography. Stand out from other books with the Heirloom Coffee Table Book, featuring translucent vellum separating each page.

Options include:

- 12x18" or 18x12" book

- Page counts from Up to 50, 51-100, 101-150, and 151-200.

- Linen cover with any standard personalisation (cameo, embossing, overprint).

Please contact us for a delivery estimate time before purchasing the Heirloom book.

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