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Album Order Form

Welcome to the album ordering page! Please go back to your gallery and use the “favourite” option to mark the photos you’d like used in your album. We also need you to mark your “Top Ten” - the ten photos you absolutely cannot live without being in your book. There’s a label called “Album Top Ten” in your gallery when you use your administrator login. Please use this label on the top ten photos.

After you've selected your favourite photos in your gallery we just need you to answer a few questions so we can get your layout started. We can't wait to get your day in a book in your hands! Please allow for 10-14 working days for your layout to be sent to the email you provide below.

Turn times for albums are not set by us, they're set by the printer we use. Your order will be placed within 5-7 working days of when your approval is sent to us for the design based on our shoot calendar. Turn time from when the orders are placed is usually 10-14 working days before dispatch. We will let you know when we receive notification of dispatch from the printer.

Should you require additional pages for your albums they're available at cost per page. The cost of the pages differs based on which book you choose and how many additional pages you require.


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