Feature Submission Information


Feature Submission Information

From time to time we submit weddings to wedding blog and feature sites to try to get them featured. We'd love if you would help us out with the vendor information they ask us for. This doesn't mean your wedding will be featured as these sites receive tens of thousands of submissions monthly. But if they choose you they'll likely contact you to answer a few questions about how awesome your day was. They just ask us to provide the vendor specifics often times during our end of the submission process.

If you had family and/or friends provide any of the services listed below please put how they fit into your life!

Thank you for being willing to provide this information. We love our clients and appreciate each of you!


Please complete the form below

If same as above leave blank.
If not applicable leave blank.
The designer of your dress.
If you purchased your dress from a boutique shop.
If you didn't have a veil leave blank.
Your jewellery, any additional hair accessories, garter, etc.
If you didn't have a bridal party please leave blank.
If you didn't have a bridal party please leave blank.
Did you have a special wedding car? Please provide the make, model, and who provided it. Or if you traveled to your wedding by taxi, carriage, or on foot put that here.
Where did your rings come from?
Save the dates, wedding invitations, menus, etc.
If you had something extra at your wedding that should be featured and wasn't listed above please put it here!