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Sadie + Matthew | Brighton, England

We couldn’t recommend Austen and Luke enough! They captured our day in ways I didn’t know you could. They both made me and my husband feel so relaxed and calm. We also loved the fact that they remembered everyone’s names of the wedding party, it made it much more personal and easy for everybody. Best photographers ever!!


Emma + Adam | Winchester, England

Wedding planning is horrible and we found knowing who to trust with our big day extra stressful! That was, until we met Austen. This lady is totally down to earth, fun, warm but 100% professional and made us so relaxed about our wedding photography both before and during the day. Austen took extra time in a meeting with us (prior to our wedding) to really get to know us and what we wanted from our photos and was adaptable whilst also sharing her top tips and guidance for how we could get the most from our pics. Our most relaxed moments from our wedding were when we were with Austen, who made us feel at ease and calm in front of the camera with her winning combo of humour and genuine interest in our thoughts on the day. The photos speak for themselves, we are so happy with them! If you are in any doubt of who to hire for your wedding photography and are after a super fun chick who gets you and your partner, then Amoureux Weddings are the one! Thank you Austen.


Lucinda + Nathan | Petworth, England

We honestly couldn't have asked for anyone better to shoot our wedding day. Their creativity and expertise is amazing, they knew exactly what we wanted and went out their way to find the perfect shot. They were really down to earth, put us at ease and we really appreciated just how hard they worked from start to finish. Highly recommend.


Lauren + Max | Greenville, South Carolina, USA

Amoureux shot my wedding and I couldn’t be more happy with the memories captured that day and night. Despite our wedding moving from the coast where a hurricane derailed our plans, to our home town, close to 4 hours away- Austen was there with no hesitation and killed it! I will forever be thankful and grateful to have such an amazing photographer and person capture that special time. Creative and classic and most of all- FUN!!! This is how I describe Austen. 

Not only do we have the best memories captured from our wedding, we had the great day in Atlanta at the park and on the trails getting our engagement shots. Being people who aren’t always thrilled to be in photos, Austen made it fun and we just had an amazing day together, laughing and loving the process despite any initial hesitations. ❤️

Max and I are lucky to have had our moments shot by you- thank you for everything!!!


Lee + Sean | London, England

First of all, I want to say a big THANK YOU for making my wedding day so special by capturing the most memorable moments in my life. Without your help, these moments will be lost in the sea forever (just like Titanic :) hahaha). THANK YOU, Austen. From the interaction with Austen during the wedding day, I believe she is a well-experienced wedding photographer. She put us and our guests at ease and willing to take individual photos whenever the guests asked to do so. The professionalism, the attitude and the work ethics are well respected. No doubt, these amazing photos will not be produced without her unique eyes. I highly recommend Austen to everyone, a must hire individual. Keep it up. Good work, Austen.


Aislynn + Jason | San luis obispo, California USA

Austen was an amazing part of our wedding! She very helpful and great with our guests made every one feel comfortable while she did her thing shooting our wedding. She gave us the images of the memories that will last a life time. We where very happy with her work and happy to have her be a part of the magical event. I would hire her again to shoot another major event in our lives with out question.


Susan + Daniel | Atlanta, Georgia USA

Amoureux was our first and only choice, and they captured the love and ambiance of our special day better than I could have imagined. The attention paid to the small details in the photos seamlessly transport us back to the wedding day, surrounded by family and friends. If you want your memories not just to be captured for a lifetime, but to actively recall every fleeting instant, every look, every word, then look no further.


Niki + Marc | Horsham, England

Austen was fab, she captured our small informal wedding perfectly and naturally which is amazing as I hate my photo being taken. She had a wonderful way of putting everyone at ease, along with the standard shots for the family too. Top job!


Gayle + Sam | Marina Del Rey, California USA

Austen photographed my wedding in and it was a wonderful experience. She was very easy to work with and really loves what she does. Her second was wonderful also and they both are very personable. She was able to roll with the punches, being that everything didn't go quite according to schedule and she was so flexible and accommodating. I'm so grateful we had her to photograph and immortalise our special day.



Austen was amazing! She was very warm and friendly and put us at ease. She really took a lot of the stress out of the day as she very elegantly herded our guests around to keep the momentum of the day going. She was extremely professional and there was excellent communication before, during and after the wedding. I would not hesitate to recommend Austen to anyone.