Who We Are



Hi. We're Austen and Luke.

We're a husband and wife wedding photography and videography team. Austen is American and Luke is English. A few years ago Austen was living in Paris and Luke in England. We started talking to one another and just couldn't stop. After a month of talking all day most days, Luke found his way to Paris. We've been together ever since. When we were planning our wedding we found out how much we enjoyed working together. We decided to test that and Luke started to photograph weddings with Austen. We've been exceptionally fortunate that in such a creative pairing our love has been beautifully documented by one another over the years. We believe that everyone should have those moments captured with love and care and something magical in mind.

Who we are…


Austen's been a working photographer since the age of 17. She got her start touring with multi platinum selling musicians documenting their tours on behalf of the artists. Eventually she stopped touring and started working under world renowned photographer David LaChapelle, who taught her to light in the studio. Since this Austen's clients have included major brands like Disney Interactive, Lucasfilm, Lush Cosmetics, and Ford Motors as well as global NGOs including The Clinton Foundation, McKinsey Social Initiative, and Bloomberg Philanthropies. While she still works for clients like these her favourite time spent with a camera in her hand is with her love at her side helping to capture the memories that make all that wedding planning worth it.


Luke's formal training comes from the prestigious Winchester School of Art in Winchester, England. He holds a Bachelor's of Art with Honours degree in Fine Art Painting. Art has always been Luke's passion and first love. From an early age he was experimenting with the correlations between painting and photography. Pushing boundaries of what defined fine art painting and producing multi media exhibitions. It wasn't until he met Austen that he thought to try his hand at making beautiful memories with weddings. The first wedding that he photographed with Austen she knew she'd found the right person to make this journey with. Luke's innate understanding of the arts means he brings an incredible eye to the table and can see and capture the moments that pass others by.